Meal Mart: Take Us To Go

February 08, 2019Filed under Print and Food

Print advertisement created for Meal Mart, one of the largest kosher food brands in the U.S. that sells fresh and frozen products. This ad campaign was developed to promote Meal Mart's "Amazing Meals" line, a variety of kosher frozen to-go meals, each ready in just two minutes. As a kosher consumer, dietary restrictions often limit food availability during travel (especially overseas where kosher options can be scarce). To empower kosher consumers, we built iconic monuments from Amazing Meals boxes, showing that wherever vacation is, good food is always there and one is never limited simply because of lifestyle or religion.

Take us to go. With a variety of 23 read-to-eat meals, good food is always just two minutes away. No matter where you go.

Advertising Agency:Mann Sales Co, Lakewood New Jersey USA
Creative Director:Jack Levinson
Art Director:Naftoli Mann
Copywriter:Yudi Lewis
Additional Credits:Nancy B. Fry
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