Länsförsäkringar Insurance company: The Check Out Suite

February 12, 2019Filed under PR, Online and Other

As part of their commitment to increase digital health among youths and families, insurance company Länsförsäkringar has launched The Check Out Suite – the world’s first hotel room where the price is determined by how much time you spend online. The hotel room, located at Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg Sweden, rewards visitors for staying away from their screens, allowing families to spend time with each other instead of their screens. The price is determined by The Skärmfri™ (Screen-free) smart lamp, which calculates how much you pay based on how much time you spend on social media. As you surf the light gradually changes and the price increases. When the lamp turns red you have reached full price for the room. If you don’t surf at all? Well, your stay is free of charge. 


Advertising Agency:Stendahls, Sweden
Creative Director:Ylva Nestmark
Project Manager:Karin Hedberg
Art Director:Oscar Plasidius
Copywriter:Eva Råberg
Photographer:Jens Dohnberg
Chief Creative Officer:Martin Cedergren
Pr:Annie Lundgren, Linda Fernell
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