Kwality: Noon Assembly

February 16, 2019Filed under Integrated and Health, Beauty

The Noon Assembly is a campaign to improve the Vitamin D status of children in India. It shifts the time of the traditional morning assembly in schools to around noon and provides students better sunlight exposure, at a time most suited for Vitamin D production in their bodies. With nearly 90% of children suffering from Vitamin D Deficiency (VDD), it is practically a zero-cost solution to such a huge public health problem in India.

Noon Assembly got the nation talking about Vitamin D deficiency. So far, 34,000+ parents and 52+ Schools have supported it giving 50,000+ school students, 200,00,000+ ‘sun minutes.’ 750+ doctors were communicated the benefits of Noon Assembly with HCP communication toolkit. Almost everyone recommended it. The campaign got nationwide coverage with around $2 Million+ in earned media. Kwality got positive reinforcement with the thousands of students and parents it reached through school programs.

The campaign will be reaching out to 2000+ schools with FSSAI’s Food Fortification Resource Centre (FFRC). Kwality will make their fortified products available in these school's canteens, helping it get a nationwide presence. CBSE has already proposed a compulsory physical activity period and is considering to propose Noon Assembly as mandatory to all the 20000+ schools under its affiliation. NCERT is considering to make Vitamin D deficiency, its impact and solution a part of the national curriculum.

By ensuring better sun exposure for an entire generation, it is an idea that has the potential to bring about a big difference in Indian children’s health and lives.

Advertising Agency:McCann Health, India
National Creative Director:Prateek Bhardwaj
Senior Creative Director:Rohit Devgun
Creative Directors:Alok Saini, Sushant Barua
Associate Creative Director:Nihar Kanungo
Senior Copywriter:Palak Mehrotra
Senior Visualiser:Shiv Shankar Sharma
Account Director:Kamya Elawadhi
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