Activision Call of Duty 4: Operation Grand Heist: The Replacer

February 26, 2019Filed under Film and Games, Toys

The well-known, MTV VMA-award winning visual effects team at Timber has joined forces with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 franchise in a campaign for the much-anticipated release of “Operation Grand Heist.” Through a hilarious series of unfortunate events, “The Replacer” -- played by Peter Stormare – attempts to replace the roles of prominent individuals in politics and pop culture while giving them the chance to play the infamous game. Driven by the notion that everyone deserves their personal gaming time, the stylistic spot takes viewers on a whirlwind adventure through the Oval Office, New Jersey highways, televised awards stages, farmlands, E.U. Summits and more. Timber’s VFX flair is observed throughout with amplified sequences highlighting famed Twitch streamer, Dr. DisRespect, and dramatized visuals that perfectly accent the comedic beats.

Advertising Agency:72 and Sunny, USA
President:Rob Kostich
Vp:Matt Small
Global Consumer Marketing:Matt Small
Director:David Blaser, Jason Woliner
Consumer Marketing:David Blaser, Jared Castle
Manager:Jared Castle
Director Of Brand Development:Jay Puryear
Treyarch:Jay Puryear
Partner:Jason Norcross
Ecd:Jason Norcross
Senior Writer:Bo MacDonald
Senior Designer:Marcus Yuen
Director Of Production:Kate Morrison
Executive Film Producer:Carlin Wilson-Webb
Junior Producer:Brooke Casler
Group Brand Director:Simon Hall
Senior Brand Manager:Michelle Casale
PAL Director:Kallie Halbach
Senior PAL Manager:Beau Thomason
PAL Coordinator:Kelsey Buehler
Executive Producer:Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlinson, Kim Dellara, Sabrina Elizondo
, Damian Stevens, Crissy Desimone
Head Of Production:Casey Wooden
Producer:Tova Dann
Production Manager:Christine Miller
Telecine:Ricky Gausis, Mpc
Postproduction Company:Timber
Creative Directors:Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau
Partners:Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau
Senior Producer:Seth Gantman, Alexa Atkin
Flame Artists:Brian Shneider, Miles Kinghorn
Flame Assist:Brandon Harden
Nuke:Michael Loney, Eva Flodstrom
AE:Jon Lorenz
2D Animation:Jon Lorenz
Editorial Company:Arcade
Editor:Jeff Ferruzzo
Assistant Editors:Paulo Miramontes, Matt Laroche
Managing Partner:Damian Stevens
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