Microsoft: Bloom: Open Space

January 08, 2019Filed under Media and Electronics, Technology

See how Brian Eno and longtime collaborator Peter Chilvers are able take their popular app into mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens. This installation is the first foray into MR for both Eno and Chilvers, and the first exploration of the creative and collaborative possibilities of HoloLens within the Music x Tech program. Go behind the scenes and explore Bloom: Open Space, open to the public in Amsterdam, February 21-25, 2018

Production Company:Listen
Director:Amy Sorokas
Strategic Partnerships:Amy Sorokas
Brand Studios:Amy Sorokas
Executive Creative Director:Steve Milton
Senior Account Director:Magda Tomaszewski
Senior Design Director:Shelley Mitchell
Executive Technical Director:Sarah Ibrahim
Senior Producer:Leah Pavlik
Lead Developer:Peter Chilvers
Artist:Brian Eno
Assistant Developer:Filip Baba
Associate Creative Director:Leah Taylor Dunbar
Sound Designer:Kurt Feldman
Gm Brand:Jeff Hansen
Producer:Simona Nickman
Senior Design Manager:Patrick Sebring
Windows Mixed Reality:Patrick Sebring
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