Bodyform: Bloodnormal

December 18, 2018Filed under Integrated and Health, Beauty

To make a stand, make people think, debate and importantly make periods normal for girls, Libresse made a film that broke not just one but many taboos. We showed periods the way they should be represented- normally and completely unashamed. We dared to show normal period blood on screen, normal period sex; normal period pain; changed the infamous blue liquid in a pad demonstration to its rightful normal red, involved men for the first time and saw women asking for pads normally. The film was a love letter to periods that is much more music video than stale sanitary pad ad.

But the film was just a springboard. Every scene in the film also contained a real world activation. For example, we made the pad shaped lilos, sold the beautiful period underwear through a French fashion house online, got an illustrator to write a graphic novel featuring period blood, launched a film bursary, started period positive workshops in schools and even got a famous 12 year old comedian to write period jokes into her routine.

Advertising Agency:AMVBBDO, London, United Kingdom
Production Company:Somesuch & Co
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