Litago: Emergency Chocolate Milk Aid for Sweden

November 19, 2018Filed under Media and Non-alcoholic Drinks

O’boy is a chocolate powder brand that is very popular in Sweden. When the production halted because of a technical fault at the O’boy factory we saw an opportunity for the ready-made Norwegian chocolate milk brand Litago; We decided to send emergency chocolate milk aid to Sweden. Since the swedes was i an outrage because of the O’boy shortage they received the help with open arms. And we established ourselves as a playful brand that knows how to take advantage of the the friendly but competitive relation between Norway and Sweden.

Advertising Agency:Something Good, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director:Markus Lind
Art Directors:Mariann Lunde, Charlotte Blomsterpotte Nicolaysen
Copywriter:Lise Dragland
Project Lead:Silje-Maria Markussen, Mai-Bente Paulsen
Additional Credits:We Are Live, Tine, Mediacom
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