Jana: Deepest Instagram Profile

October 15, 2018Filed under Online and Non-alcoholic Drinks

When your source is located at the incredible, unique depth of 800 meters, and the face of your brand is a world free diving champion, then the inspiration to do something amazing and breathtaking isn’t lacking. Jana natural mineral water launched a new campaign Deep above all, that functionally and aspirationally delivered a message rooted in undisputed brand truth – DEPTH. Goran Čolak, one of the best free divers in the world literally connected the two sides of depth – real one and metaphorical one; one that is within all of us.

His one of a kind, breathtaking example continued to live on social media. Seen through his eyes, a unique Instagram profile was created – The deepest instagram profile ever.

Consisted of 160 rows of photography, a single visual, representing a 800 meters deep dive gave people a somehow peacefull, yet so interesting place... A grid to visit.

Filled with facts about diving and sea depths, but also delivering key messages form the campaign about depths connected to Jana water... And ourselves...

The profile once again established that Jana is…DEEP ABOVE ALL.

Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi Croata, Zagreb, Croatia
Creative Director:Ivan Tanic
Art Director:Nebojsa Cvetkovic
Senior Copywriter:Ivan Pavičić
Designer:Dragana Iles
Client Service Director:Robert Pešić
Strategic Planning Director:Paula Baburić
Digital Manager:Petra Radnić
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