McDonald's: Maestro Music Box

September 23, 2018Filed under Direct Marketing, Design and Food

McDonald's is saying goodbye to Maestro by transforming a burger box into a music box.

On the 25th of September, the Maestro, a sale success in Portugal, will give its place to a new range of products. To mark this depart, surprise consumers and allow everybody to say goodbye to their favorite burger, McDonald’s Portugal transformed Maestro boxes’ in real music boxes. A lighting sensor and a small sound system were placed in a fake box top. When open, the box played Mozart’s classics.

Advertising Agency:Fullsix Portugal
Creatives:Joana Teixeira, Leonardo Gomez, Jose Carlos Costa, Nuno Aguiar, Diana Gonçalves, André Trindade
Creative Director:Pedro Magalhaes
Account:Ana Catarina Santos, Teresa Santa Marta
Planner Director:Filipe Moreira
Innovation Director:Francisco Pinto Coelho
Producer Company:ZOE Films
Director:Flávio Sousa
Executive Producer:Gonçalo Paixão
DoP:Vítor Maninho
Production Consultant:PRO(U)D
Voice:Filipe Duarte
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