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Match understands that many single people are also parents. Yet “47% of these parents say that they don’t have time to find love”. This number, taken from a Kantar study conducted for Match—which included the participation of 755 UK singles parents —points to an unfair reality.

Finding someone to take care of your children, entrusting them to parents or friends, can really slow down the process of meeting someone. The guilt can be felt through the results of the study. 52% of single parents say that their children come before dating!

In order to go out and meet somebody, you have to be able to go out. That’s why Match and Marcel have thought up a unique offer that will provide all single parents with three hours of babysitting for the “date” of their choice.

In partnership with Yoopies, the on-line source for babysitting, this new offer, never before seen in the on-line dating world, will kick off on July 3rd in the United Kingdom and on August 23rd in France.

To spread the word, Marcel and the talented Rudi Rosenberg have created a touching campaign on the bond between a mother and daughter awaiting the arrival of a mysterious guest. The campaign will be broadcast on TV, in movie theatres, and on-line starting on July 3rd in the United Kingdom and on August 23rd in France.

Advertising Agency:Marcel, Paris, France
Chief Executive Officers:Pascal Nessim, Charles Georges-Picot
Chief Creative Officer:Anne De Maupeou
Creative Directors:Gaetan Du Peloux, Youri Guerassimov, Loris Bernardini
Artistic Director:Marie-Océane Scerri
Copywriter:Marianne Desgrandchamps
Managing Partner:Nicolas Levy
SOC:Nicolas Levy
Strategic Planning:Leoda Esteve
Sales Team:Sébastien Jauffret, Bérangère Schehl
Account Manager:Eva Castrillo
Social Media:Loris Bernardini, Anh-Dao Lepinaux, Inès Del Fabbro
Tv Producers:Cléo Ferenczi, Corentin Harran
Producer:Valentine Gomes-Ferenczi
Production Director:Christine Fauconnot
Director:Rudi Rosenberg
DoP:Christophe Beaucarne
Visual PostProduction:Sebastián Eyherabide, Firm
Audio postproduction:Clemens Hourriere, Thomas Anduze, Prodigious
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