L214: 7900 Litres

August 07, 2018Filed under Print and Public Interest, NGO

French charity L214 casts a light on the terrible water footprint of meat in the heart of BBQ season.

In the public’s mind, water waste is almost always associated to private overwatering or swimming pools. Yet we tend to forget that one of the major causes of water waste comes from our very own plates. Indeed, it takes an average of 7900 liters of water to produce only 1 kilogram of meat-based proteins. This disproportionate number makes meat production one of the biggest threats to our water resources. Which is why L214 launches this awareness campaign named #7900L during the peak of barbecue season.

Through the representation of swimming pools shaped like pieces of meat, the charity is aiming to make an impact by showing the heavy environmental consequences of meat consumption - whether it is a steak, a chicken leg or a bacon strip.

The campaign is completed by a website, 7900Litres.com, that allows everyone to witness the water footprint of their own weekly meat consumption, and their impact on our blue planet.

To consume meat is to devour thousands of liters of water. Producing 1kg of meat-based proteins wastes 7900 liters of water. Let’s try to remember that we can live without meat but not without water. #7900L

Advertising Agency:Brand Station, Paris, France
Creative Director:Loic Chauveau
Art Director:Damien Guiol
Copywriter:Samy Benama
Illustrators:Antoine Magnien, Frederic Tribolet
Additional Credits:Natcha Crea
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