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IKEA ME & WE IKEA tackles the battles at home Sharing is the universal truth that unifies all homes. Who has never had their family wait in line outside the bathroom door because a sibling is taking too long getting ready. Who has never felt that stab of panic when the living room’s a mess and the guests are knocking on the door. Who have never fought with their partner over carpets or colors when moving in. The list goes on. We’ve all been there. For the global launch of this year’s catalogue, IKEA shines a light on the phenomenon with a film that’s a full-blown opera. The plot of the film consists of relatable everyday situations where a variety of people balance me- and we-time. Thanks to its opera-style, it strikes a humorous tone, yet sparks a relevant discussion in an age where spaces are getting smaller and digital solutions erase the boundaries between work and relaxation – how much of my time do I dedicate to myself, how much do I dedicate to being together and how do I find balance. “Balancing me-time and we-time is something that has always been around, but which is getting increasingly important. We constantly work with creating home solutions that allow for a balance between the two. Because no matter how much in love we may be, or how much of a social animal we are, we need both privacy and togetherness.” – Says Morten Kjaer, Creative Director at IKEA Creative Hub. We must all balance me-time and we-time as we see fit. But we can count on IKEA to help us get there, with home solutions that allow for both.

Advertising Agency:Acne / IKEA Creative Hub, Stockholm, Sweden
Executive Creative Director:Johan Bello
Creative Director:Morten Kjaer
IKEA Creative Hub:Morten Kjaer, Antje Lühmann, Fredrik Edling
Senior Creative:Tiago Pinho, Fredrik Edling
ACNE:Tiago Pinho, Isaac Bonnier, Joel Lindblad, Lovisa Friman Bendz
Creatives:Isaac Bonnier, Joel Lindblad
Account Director:Lovisa Friman Bendz
Directors:Tompa & Rondo
Assignors:Rebecka McJannett, Tanja Dolphin
IKEA:Rebecka McJannett, Tanja Dolphin
Assignment Leader:Antje Lühmann
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