Marvel: Coming Out Mutant

July 11, 2018Filed under Online and Media, Publications

Among the things that teens share online, one of the most powerful are coming out videos. Videos where they record themselves telling their parents they are different from other teens.That they are gay. We recreated that moment and filmed new coming out videos. But, instead of coming out gay, teens came out mutant, showing their parents their special abilities. A touching and heartwarming moment, just like the real coming out videos. But ours ended with a bleak twist. Sirens approached the home and a tagline introduced teens to The Gifted: What if you were hunted for being yourself?

Advertising Agency:FOX Networks Group, Argentina
Vice President Creative:André Takeda
Creative Director:Soledad Podestá
Vice President Production:Santiago Domingo
Production Manager:Romina Colela
Production Coordinator:Mariano Frigerio
Production House:Gloria
Director:Martin Piñeiro
Executive Producers:Fabian Zayat, Sol Aramburu
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