Republique: The Light Pin Project

June 19, 2018Filed under Direct Marketing, Design and Public Interest, NGO

Millions of refugees around the world have no access to electricity, forcing them to rely on deadly alternative solutions such as kerosene lamps and candles. In 2017 an entire camp burned down in Lebanon from a fire that started from a gas canister explosion. This led us to work on finding a sustainable, low cost and compact solution that would replace gas and candles.

Our research started by visiting camps. We noticed that most look the same, each family has and average 3x3 meter tent space with a laundry line hanging outside. We found the solution in laundry.

An average clothespin spends around 8 hours in the sun everyday. We took those hours and put them to good use. We created the world's first solar clothespin. All a person had
to do was leave it in the sun all day and then bring it home at night and connect it to a low cost led lamp that would give light for several hours.

Advertising Agency:Republique, Beirut, Lebanon
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