Nestlé Kit Kat: Break Assist

June 12, 2018Filed under Media and Food

In Bolivia, unlike the rest of the world people don´t associate Kit Kat with having a break, so in order to change this, we used something that Bolivians do share with the world to position our brand, the hate towards advertising the majority of our population don´t have access to ad free entertainment platforms making national TV the most saturated option, our only one so we, the break experts, created the Kit Kat Break Assist. The first set of commercials that help viewers have a break, from the commercial break. With just producing two interactive commercials and buying the first and last slots of the commercial break, we made assisting the audience possible. In the first one we showed viewers how we would help them take a break while other commercials appeared, viewers could take a break away from the TV since our last commercial would signal when the break was about to end 10 out of 10 people that used this service correctly could enjoy up to 5 minutes of a real TV break without missing a second of their favorite TV shows or movies all of this as they experienced our slogan in a unique manner have a break, have a Kit Kat

Advertising Agency:McCann, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Ceo:Juan Ortega Landa
Chief Creative Officer:Amples Regiani
Creative Director:Samuel Torres, Jorge Marín, Julio Gallego
Copywriter:Samuel Torres
Art Director:Amples Regiani, Jorge Marín, Julio Gallego
Head Of Art:Andrés Durán
Account Director:Carla López
Production:Cabruja Films
Postproduction:Maximiliano Daëns
Director:Luciano Panei
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