Havaianas: The Alphabet of Summer

June 16, 2018Filed under Media, Direct Marketing, Design and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

It's impossible to talk about the mood of Brazilian summer without talking about Havaianas. As spokes-footwear for this vibrant, joyous essence across the world, the most famous sandals on the planet have taken things a step further in this year's global campaign. 

To translate the Brazilian spirit across a number of cultures spread over the five continents, Havaianas decided to go beyond images or words – they invented their own alphabet! 

Created by AlmapBBDO, "The Alphabet of Summer" invites the public to feel this Brazilian essence – easygoing, sociable and cheery – by wearing Havaianas and feeling the vibe, all under the concept "Let's Summer."

Here, each letter of the Havaianas alphabet represents one of the elements that characterizes Brazilian summer – "E" for energy, "M" for music and "O" for original, for example. Each letter also features its own font and visual resources that help to capture the spirit of each. 

The letters can appear on their own, or as part of words. They're also used to create phrases with messages that reinforce Havaianas' invitation to enjoy the spirit that makes summer what it is. 

The "The Alphabet of Summer" will be used in Havaianas stores across 121 different countries, seen in display windows, at point-of-sale material and on the products themselves. Ads, displays, billboards, digital pieces and social media strategy will also use the brand's alphabet.

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