Getty Images: First Aperture, a DJ made by Getty Images

June 16, 2018Filed under Film, Online and Media, Publications

First Aperture, the first DJ entirely produced from visual powerhouse Getty Images’ comprehensive collection of sound, image and video content, announces the release of its first single, ‘Take Control’ from the DJ’s self-titled LP on Soundcloud.

Described as Van Buuren meets Justice, the single is entirely composed of original audio files available from Getty Images - from guitar riffs to percussion, keyboards, and even sports cheers. The music video for the hit single “Take Control” showcases First Aperture’s unique, slightly ironic visual identity, composed entirely from Getty Images best in class video, illustrations and imagery. 

Eliminating months of work thanks Getty Images’ seamless experience and breadth of content, the final product, from the design of the visual language to the final cut, reveals a festival-worthy new sound on the music scene.

Building an entire visual and musical identity, First Aperture’s debut album is composed entirely from Getty Images’ industry leading content, including the accompanying music video for ‘Take Control’, the artist’s website, as well as First Aperture’s complete merchandise offering.   

Advertising Agency:AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Partner:Luiz Sanches
CCO:Luiz Sanches
Executive Creative Direction:Bruno Prosperi
creative direction:Bruno Prosperi, André Gola, Keka Morelle, Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil
Digital Creative Director:Luciana Haguiara
Digital Head Of Art:Pedro Burneiko
Copywriter:Zé Baldin
Art Director:Heitor Buchalla, Rafael Kfouri
Ilustration:Heitor Buchalla, Vitor Piza
Agency Producer:Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas, Tatiana Angelim
Print Producers:Marcos De Souza, José Roberto Bezerra, Cleiton Lino
Ux Designer:Caroline Kayatt
Content Producer:Marcelo Pignatari
Digital Production Company:Media Monks
Video:Vetor Zero
Director:Gabriel Nobrega
Audio Producer:Evil Twin Music
Planning:Cintia Gonçalves
Media:Carla Duriguetto, Priscila Sato
Technology Director:Eduardo Bruschi
Project Manager:Danubia Fujita
Accounts:Filipe Bartholomeu, Ana Clara Grana, Nathalia Chaves, Felipe Elias Oliveira
Client Supervisors:Gene Foca, Paige McCrensky, Kjelti Kellough, Elvira Cameriere, Natália Moraes
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