Duracell: Meat, Sex, Moon

June 22, 2018Filed under Print and Electronics, Technology

Going back was only the beginning. In this sequel to last year’s Times Change campaign, we’re heading to the future. By predicating the possibilities of the year 2028, we highlight the ten-year duration of our product. This fun, quirky peek at trends and events to come in politics, popular culture, the environment and technology emphasises how much life can change. But the one thing you can rely on is a Duracell battery.

It’s the near future. Sex is virtual.

So are the orgasms.

There’s zero privacy.
You’re being watched right now
with a time-travel cam.
Act normal and keep reading.

It’s the year we revive dinosaurs
from DNA and get them to mate.

We’ve cured AIDS and cancer.
But still can’t shake the common cold.

Deafness in the elderly has been solved
by triggering sensory receptor regrowth.

It’s the year drone races
are introduced at the LA Olympics.
The winning nerd took his own photo finish.

It’s 2028.

Times change. Power doesn’t.
Guaranteed to last for ten years in storage.

Advertising Agency:Grey, Johannesburg, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer:Fran Luckin
Executive Creative Director:Glenn Jeffery
Copywriter:Jeff Harvey
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