Celgene: Continuous Threat

June 06, 2018Filed under Print and Health, Beauty

Using bold and dramatic imagery across press, congress posters, online adverts, sales materials and our very own space invaders style educational game, we captured the relentless and considerable threat that relapse poses to multiple myeloma patients. The scenes were created to be deliberately shocking in order to accentuate the sense of foreboding and dread felt by patients and, thus, create empathy from the audience (healthcare professionals). The defensive “weapon” was specifically chosen to give the viewer the impression that while the patient might have a chance to fend off the threat for a time, they will eventually succumb and so raise the question of “could we better equip the patients to fight for longer?”

Is there a better way to fight the continuous threat of replace in multiple myeloma?

For people living with multiple myeloma, the threat of relapse can lead to a life of uncertainty and fear. As our understanding of the disease evolves, shouldn't our treatment strategy evolve too?

Advertising Agency:Havas Lynx, Manchester, United Kingdom
Creative Director:Paul Kinsella
Art Director:Matthew Crosby
Copywriter:Richard Hague
Illustrator:Taylor James
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