Carlsberg: Beer Caviar

June 26, 2018Filed under Film and Alcoholic Drinks

Russia is synonymous with caviar, a delicacy traditionally known as roe from wild sturgeon in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea. With Danish fans traveling to Russia to cheer on their national team, its official sponsor Carlsberg devised a way to bring the two cultures together. Through molecular gastronomy techniques, Carlsberg has created and packaged the world’s first Beer Caviar.

The main ingredient in the Beer Caviar is Carlsberg’s classic pilsner – a beer that most Danes view as part of their national cultural heritage, just like caviar has been a traditional delicacy in Russia since the 16th century. Carlsberg is giving fans a chance to try the beer caviar at select events surrounding Danish World Cup matches.

Advertising Agency:CP+B, Copenhagen, Denmark
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