Schweppes: The Dress for Respect

May 14, 2018Filed under Film, PR, Online and Non-alcoholic Drinks

SCHWEPPES invites men to be more respectful in the night/The Dress for Respect   A touch-sensitive dress measures how many times women are harassed in nightclubs   86% of Brazilian women have been harassed in nightclubs. Still, many men don’t see a problem in this. That’s why Schweppes invited Luisa, Tatiana and Juliana to wear a touch-sensitive dress at a nightclub in São Paulo. The dress had several sensors applied to its fabric that registered in real-time when the 3 women were touched without their consent.    As they walked around the place and were approached by men, the information was sent to a control-unit via wi-fi, registering the amount of times each woman was touched. In the end of the night, Schweppes had turned the interactions into revealing data. This live research was now published in video, in which Schweppes encourages men to rethink their behavior and approach women with more respect.

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