KFC: Fried Chicken Bath Bombs

May 03, 2018Filed under Promo, Direct Marketing and Food

Over the past four decades, KFC has become synonymous with Christmas in Japan. People have to order delivery or book in advance to avoid queueing up for hours outside our restaurants. Being such a big part of the Japanese Christmas tradition, we wanted to spread the joy among those poor Santas and Santa helpers that work non-stop during the holidays (including our very own KFC employees). We created a very special promotional gift that stood apart conventional Christmas presents: A chicken leg shaped bath bomb that, when thrown in water, looks like frying chicken and smells like the 11 secret ingredients of KFC Original Recipe. Results? Nearly half a million social media posts. $2M worth of media, local and international. Hundreds of grateful Santas and Santa helpers.

Advertising Agency:Geometry Global, Tokyo, Japan
Executive Creative Director:Masato Mitsudera
Art Director:Shinmei Yamamoto
Creative Director:Junichiro Yamada, Ken Matsuda
Planner:Makoto Ueda
Strategic Planner:Daisuke Suzuki
Media Planner:Takumi Nagano, Hiroaki Mikami, Yuto Miyazawa, Haru Mitsue
Account Manager:Atsushi Nishikubo
Account Executive:Hiroaki Omi, Keisyu Takahashi, Kei Oshima
Production:Tohokushinsha Film
Producer:Takashi Aso, Yuji Shirakami
Production Manager:Yohei Matsuda
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