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IKEA wants to make everyday life better for the many people. Their simple, accessible home furnishing solutions have been in and out of homes all across the globe. Much like how GDPR will now simplify our lives on the internet, IKEA has been aiming to simplify them offline. That’s why IKEA chose to celebrate the implementation of GDPR, recognizing the same simplification that’s part of their own DNA. The celebration was a post that highlighted IKEA’s own expertise of designing privacy in real life – with the room divider RISÖR – and a headline that applauds accessible integrity. Online, yes! But offline as well.

Finally, internet is catching up with real life.

Roomer divider, white, black

Advertising Agency:Acne / IKEA Creative Hub, Stockholm, Sweden
Executive Creative Director:Johan Bello
Creative Director:Morten Kjaer
IKEA Creative Hub:Morten Kjaer, Kim Saxberg, Louice Alvarsson
Senior Art Director:Tiago Pinho
Creatives:Isaac Bonnier, Joel Lindblad
Account Director:Lovisa Friman Bendz
ACNE:Lovisa Friman Bendz
Assignor:Jovana Basrak Keric
IKEA:Jovana Basrak Keric
Strategic Planner:Kim Saxberg
Assignment Leader:Louice Alvarsson
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