Finnair: Hear the Taste with Steven Liu

May 07, 2018Filed under Film and Transport, Tourism

Finnair is the flag carrier and largest airline in Finland. In April 2018, Finnair set out to reinvent their in-flight culinary experience.

The background noise inside an airplane affects your taste perception. It enhances umami and bitter tastes, while reducing salty and sweet tastes. This got us thinking, how can we improve the in-flight dining experience and offer true Nordic flavors to passengers on board Finnair flights?

We recorded pure, natural sounds from Nordic Lapland with Finnair signature chef Steven Liu. And together with professor of molecular gastronomy Anu Hopia, we turned the recordings into unique soundscapes for each of the dishes served on board flights from Asia. Each soundtrack was made to enhance the flavors of the different dishes.

To offer a truly unique Nordic experience wherever you are, we also created a WeChat app for the Chinese audience. Take a picture of your food and advanced image recognition software interprets it and offers you a customized soundtrack for you to enjoy. The Nordic soundscapes will enhance the unique flavors of any recognizable food you are eating. Now, anyone can easily enjoy the taste of the Finnair experience, even on the ground.

Advertising Agency:Mirum Agency, Helsinki, Finland
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