Canon: Canon: Endless Toys

May 22, 2018Filed under Online and Electronics, Technology

Creative Park is a digital platform, which allows anyone to print out and assemble paper models of animals, cars, moving toys, planets, buildings… you name it.

To promote it around different countries in Europe, Canon created a 360° stop-motion video, which takes viewers through different paper worlds — a kid’s room full of toys, cars and planes, a jungle full of animals, and outer space. All the elements in the video are taken from Creative Park.

The video can be experienced on YouTube, Facebook and on different VR devices. It is created mainly for kids and their parents, in order to present the endless possibilities of the platform to stimulate children’s imagination.

It is part of the “Endless Toys” campaign, highlighting Creative Park’s main advantage. In a world where kids get bored with their toys and other forms of entertainment so quickly, it gives parents a chance to give them a new toy to play with every day.

Advertising Agency:NEXT-DC, Sofia, Bulgaria
Director:Zlatin Radev
Production:Junk Brothers
Creative Director:Alexander Antonov
Art Director:Evgenia Nikolova
Copywriter:Maksim Stoimenov
Group Account Director:Hristo Petkov
Producer:Hristo Petkov
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