Unicef: Adrenaline Experiment

April 11, 2018Filed under Film and Public Interest, NGO

Teens generally think that HIV/AIDS is not about them, and health issues are not of concern to them overall. On the other hand, HIV testing is a big deal actually, it can be scary.

Knowing that teens tend to do crazy or risky things to show-off, get attention, feel adrenaline or because others do it, we made HIV testing a part of the world of challenging entertainment, so when you do it – it’s a bold move.

Advertising Agency:Be—it Health & Social Impact, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director:Oksana Sorzhulenko
Copywriter:Oksana Sorzhulenko
Designer:Anastasiya Turchynets
Director:Nataliya Olbert-Sinko, Nick Globak
Project Director:Olga Inozemtzeva
Head Of Production:Yulian Ulybin
DoP:Max Shkrid
Producer:Sergey Sobchenko
Style:Helen Bogdanova
MUA:Liza Vailo
Postproduction:Dima Smirniy
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