McDonald's Mother's Day: Being a Mum

April 16, 2018Filed under Film and Food

Being a mum means good times and hard times. Being a mum can be fun and it can be tough. Being a mum has tears and laughter. Being a mum is being tender. Being a mum is being strict. Being a mum is playtime, bath time and bedtime. But most importantly, being a mum is love and giving without taking anything back. Around Mother’s Day in the Middle East, McDonald’s in Lebanon is celebrating the feeling of being a mum – by focusing on a segment that exists in the region, but has never been spoken about. The film has sparked conversations around the topic of being a mum and has earned over 85% positive sentiments, in a region not known for challenging the definition of being a mum. The film is being supported by on-ground retail activations and an upcoming social media content series focused on the core idea of ‘being a mum’ and all that it entails.

Advertising Agency:FP7/McCann Beirut, Lebanon
Managing Director:Emile Atallah
Regional Head of Strategic Planning:Tahaab Rais
Creative Strategy:Tahaab Rais
Executive Creative Director:Karim Kazan
Senior Copywriter:Thomas Young
Senior Art Director:Mike Awad, Rosy Muallem
Strategic Planning Manager:Carl Bou Abdallah
Business Director and Digital Director:Nassif Abou Aloula
Art Director:Pamela Karam
Senior Account Executive:Petra Berbari
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