Citroën: Forward

April 26, 2018Filed under Film and Automotive

The Agency has been exploring different ways of working, creating and producing and has launched its own Content Lab: a space where the pace is reduced, pressure from daily tasks removed along with the ability to give sufficient time to take a big step back in order to find the right partners, produce, think and put things into question. The driving force being Freedom.

From this was born the Citroën Forward project.

One year ago the Agency presented a wild idea to the Citroën Client and proposed a completely different way of approaching and producing it. The story of a man face to face with nature in which the Agency was free to create it's own form and tone. The car is shown in a way that has never been seen before and the brand logo appears nowhere in the film. When confronted with the question should we have a classic logo at the end of the film? The answer from Xavier Beauregard was is it possible to have missed the brand?

Advertising Agency:HUMANSEVEN, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officer:Xavier Beauregard
Artistic Director:Christophe Caubel
Tv Producer:Sarah Bouadjera
Film Production:ALLSO
Director:Sophie Levy
Producer:Franck Annese
Art Designers:Rudy Annese, Atelier Downtown
Location Manager:Hugo Obert
Engineer Design:No Design
Postproduction:Small Studio, HRCLS
Post Producer:Vincent Guttman, Mélanie Teixeira
Supervisor:Thomas Eid
Flame:Yann Masson, Philippe Laridan
Composting:Serhat Baykal, Lise Fisher
3d:Léo Ewald, Romain Balloy
Sound Production:HRCLS
Chief Executive Officer:Christopher Thiery
Vfx Supervisor:Yann Dubois
Editors:Sophie Levy, Nicolas Capus
Colorist:Arthur Paux
Sound Producer:Anthony Leblond
Compositor:Brice Davoli
Sound Designer:Anais Khout
Mix:Alex Louboutin
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