Saishunkan Pharmaceutical: Renew Your Vows #StillinLove

February 27, 2018Filed under Film and Pharmaceutical

"Sometimes, I worry whether he still looks at me as a woman rather than just our child's mother”. Many mothers with young children may have this vague concern from time to time. This movie is dedicated to all women who need that reassurance. *Especially in Japan, the ratio of divorce at 2-3 years after the 1st child’s birth has been increasing and has became a serious problem. When new parents are able to go out without their baby for the first time, it's a great opportunity for renewing the wedding vows. It's an occasion for the new father to say thank you and, state new vows to his wife. Tell your wife that you are still in love with her, even after she became your child’s mom. And, it could be a key to a long-lasting relationship. So please let us know... if you are #StillinLove "romantically" with your wife!

Advertising Agency:Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Executive Creative Director:Koichi Ito
Creative Director:Hideaki Fukui
Creative Planner:Tempei Shikama
Copywriter:Tempei Shikama
Art Director:Masanari Kakamu
Web Planner:Honami Shimo
Media Planner:Riina Sato
Pr Director:Yohei Takahashi
Pr Planner:Kento Inaba
Creative Producer:Manami Morito
Account Executives:Takayoshi Sakakibara, Koyo Tomita, Shuji Morimitsu
Producers:Yasuo Fukuro, Tatsuya Kaneko, Tomomi Ando
Production Manager:Chizuru Kawashima
Director:Futoshi Takashima
Camera:Takeshi Sakurai
Lighting:Naotaka Tomoda
Hair:Tomoko Miyagawa
Makeup:Tomoko Miyagawa
Editor:Michinari Maeda
Sound Mixer:Toshihiko Harashinai
MA:Osamu Kobayashi
Casting:Rie Sakima, Ai Maehara
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