Nissan: KEFA - Fake Spare Parts

February 19, 2018Filed under Film and Automotive

The UAE automotive industry has experienced exponential growth in the last few years, generating records of demand for car parts.  But such scenario has also collaborated to increase an old problem in the region: the enormous amount of fake spare parts being offered on the market.
As most drivers in Dubai think they can easily tell a fake car part from a real one, unauthorized car shops have their clientele guaranteed. As a result, one out of four cars is fitted with fake spare parts.
To change drivers' attitude, AWR Arabian Automobiles and its Nissan Service Center/Genuine Parts division created KEFA, the fakest spare parts ever, and
introduced it to car fans at the Dubai International Motor Show.
A shower drain, a printer toner, and kitchen strainer were respectively presented as a brake rotor, a fuel injector, and an air filter, each one with its very
own package.
With more than one hundred car fans interviewed, less than 6% were able to notice the scam. The best reactions were compiled in an online film, meant to
prove that, when it comes to car parts, it’s better to rely on genuine products and on authorized service centers.

Advertising Agency:TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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