Red Cross: Christmas Supporter

December 28, 2017Filed under Integrated and Public Interest, NGO

The Red Cross creates Christmas tree stands that supports families in need. 11.000 families in Denmark can’t afford Christmas. At first that may not seem like a lot. But Denmark is a small country, and over the last six years, that number has increased by 525%. To save their Christmas, the Danish Red Cross has created a unique Christmas tree stand in the shape and color of their own logo. A stunningly simple, visual idea in itself. But it gets even better. Whenever people buy a Christmas tree, they can choose to pay a little extra for the Red Cross stand. The profit goes entirely to families in need, so that everyone can have the Christmas they wish for. A small but big idea that makes a real difference for those who need it the most.

Advertising Agency:Hjaltelin Stahl, Denmark
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