Médicos del Mundo: Siria

December 22, 2017Filed under Film and Health, Beauty

Médicos del Mundo announced the creation of an app with emotional intelligence called SIRIA, capturing the attention of general and specialized technology media alike. It chose a group or people interested in the app to be the first to test it out and they discovered how it was capable of moving people through conversation.

In reality, behind the voice of the virtual assistant were men and women in situations of social exclusion. Through voice recognition, the app transcribed and gave a robotic voice to what they were saying, giving the impression that the technology was real. When the conversation reached its climax, the truth was revealed and the people behind SIRIA were unveiled on screen. Finally, those testing the app were able to embrace their interlocutors in a very moving moment.

It was all part of a campaign designed by La Despensa for Médicos del Mundo with the aim of refocusing our society's attention on a problem that continues to grow even though it no longer appears in the news.

Advertising Agency:La Despensa, Madrid, Spain
General Creative Directors:Miguel Olivares, Javier Carrasco
Director Of Client Services:Sergio Sancho
Creative Director:David Ricoy
Creative Team:Marcos García, Alejandro Maggi
Account:Alfredo González, Noelia Escandell
Production Team:Alfredo González, Noelia Escandell
Digital Production Director:Javier Jiménez
Digital Production Team:Juana Vallés, Manuel Alpuente
Ux:Carmen Navas
Ui:Carmen Navas
Social Media:Auxi Barea
Content Director:Auxi Barea
Production:Garage Films
Director:Alex Rodriguez
Executive Producer:Luciano Firmo
Producers:Marina Bre, Eduardo Uriarte
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