Scania: A Trucker’s Haute Couture

November 22, 2017Filed under Film and Transport, Tourism

Scania Truck Gear is a line of fashion for truck fans. To launch Scania’s new and more sustainably sourced Griffin Collection, we brought together an unexpected duo: The legendary and award-winning show truck builder Sven-Erik “Svempa” Bergendahl, and the world renowned haute couture fashion designer Bea Szenfeld – known for her love for upcycling as well as her out-of-this-world creations for artists such as Lady Gaga and Björk.

Their task: To create a driver jacket like no other.

Advertising Agency:Uncle Unicorn, Sweden
Account Director:Carl-Johan Van Heesch
Creative Director:Mattias Berg
Art Director:Mattias Berg
Art Directors:Dennis Rosenqvist, Malin Saarinen
Copywriters:Per Rundgren, Julia Gillgren
Design:Mikael Fridén
Account managers:Linda Larsson, Ida Olm
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