Colorado Lottery: Something for Everyone

November 07, 2017Filed under Film, Online and Games, Toys

Advertising agency Cactus has created an animated TV campaign aimed at driving awareness and purchases of various Scratch products in the Colorado Lottery’s portfolio. Lottery ads tend to focus on a single product, but the point of “Something for Everyone” is to show there’s a Scratch game for everyone. The four 15-second spots showcase several games, such as Crossword, Bingo and Poker, and inform viewers that Scratch tickets sell at seven price points ranging from $1 to $50 and that prizes span from $50 to $3 million. The work primarily targets light Lottery players who have the most potential for increasing their spending on Scratch tickets. 

Many people, who don’t normally play the Lottery throughout the year, buy or receive tickets as gifts during the holiday season (November to January). This fact offers the Colorado Lottery a chance to remind infrequent players how much fun they had playing the games and purchasing tickets. Core players are a secondary target. “From board games to carnival games to video games, the joy of ‘play’ is a cultural truth,” said Christian Hawley, advertising manager for the Colorado Lottery. “We love games, and we’re leveraging this innate thrill by reinforcing the instant fun—and possible prize—that comes from playing one of the many Scratch games in market.” The Colorado Lottery launches 40 to 45 unique games each year and has 24 games available at any given time for quick-match addicts, strategic thinkers, math lovers and casino fans. POS and digital media (banner ads, social media, email marketing) will support the TV effort.

Founder:Joe Conrad
Ceo:Joe Conrad
Partner:Norm Shearer
CCO:Norm Shearer
Creative Director:Jeff Strahl, Jim Morrissey
Art Director:Jeff Strahl
Copywriter:Jim Morrissey
Production Director:Brooke Woodruff
Associate Account Manager:Monica Hemmert
Director:Amy Taylor
Strategic Communications:Amy Taylor
Animation Company:Roger LA
Executive Producer:Josh Libitsky
Original Music Production:ColorWheel Music
Published:October 2017
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