Belgian Cystic Fibrosis Association: Out of Breath

November 27, 2017Filed under Film and Public Interest, NGO

Can you imagine a life in which you have to live with half your lung capacity? Or even less? This is what people who suffer from cystic fibrosis have to go through each and every day. To create awareness and raise funding we created the campaign “Out of Breath." Because that’s what’s happening… These patients are slowly but surely getting “out of breath..." literally. Thanks to this campaign people saw, first hand, that even the simplest of things… like blowing up a balloon, are impossible.

This campaign took off like a train… We reached national press coverage in all major media (print, online and TV) and were even invited in one Belgiums most influential and famous talkshows (Van Gils & Gasten).

Advertising Agency:Done by Friday, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Director:Kenny Timmermans
Copywriter:Kenny Timmermans
Strategic Director:Sven Boelpaep
Video Director:Dirk Domen
Photographer:Jan Cornelis
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