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October 05, 2017Filed under Design, Print and Media, Publications

Colombia has been at war for almost 50 years, but since 1990 the use of landmines increased radically. The cost of building an explosive like this is just 5 dollars, while recovering a victim, including prosthetics and therapies, costs an average of 150 USD. Until 2016 there were11,460 victims reported and almost 52 million square meters of territory are sown with them, making Colombia the second most affected country in the world, just behind Afghanistan. Despite this problem began more than 20 years ago, neither the media nor the government, has given it the importance it deserves, making Colombians unaware of this terrible fact while the number of innocent victims was still growing. Not even a signed peace treaty seems to end this problem.As the most read news magazine in Colombia, our objective was to demonstrate Semana’s power to create changes within society through its content.

Physical evidence sent. Semana Magazine, issue #1802 (pages 55-56).“LANDMINES, THE HIDDEN ENEMYLandmines don’t choose their victim, they’re hidden and explode when you least expect it. The traces of pain and misery they leave are still there. This report analyzes a scourge that, regrettably, will continue to cause damage. SEMANA joins the campaign Letras de Apoyo to help the victims. Colombia is the second country in the world worst affected by landmines after Afghanistan. The figures are frightening: 11,460 victims have been affected, between police officers, military, guerrillas, paramilitaries, civilians and even children. This tragedy doesn’t distinguish between factions when spreading suffering. Landmines are not meant to kill, but to hurt enough as to end any type of life project. To manufacture one landmine costs 14,000 COP at most (around 5 USD), but to rehabilitate an injured person it can cost around 200 million COP (around 700,000 USD). And even though there are plenty of campaigns now which aim to generating conscience of this drama, very few offer economic support to the victims. Publicaciones Semana, which has used the power of words for more than 30 years to inform the Colombian people, has decided to help those affected with the campaign Letras de Apoyo (Help Font), a typeface capable of rewriting lives.For the country to know all about this problem, SEMANA presents this special report and a multimedia version at, with more than 50 different types of content and topics. For the first time ever, victims of landmines can feel they are being heard and, most importantly, every Colombian will be able to support them with the Help Font campaign”.

Advertising Agency:Sistole, Bogotá, Colombia
General Creative Director:Freddy Méndez
Art Director:Alex Argüello
Copywriter:Nicolás Cortés
Animation:Andrés Azuero
Typographer:Nicolas Silva
Account Director:Jose Mendoza
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