National Museum in Gdansk: Stadium, Shipyard, Mariacka Street

October 03, 2017Filed under Outdoor, Print and Recreation, Leisure, Sports

The main purpose of the campaign was to increase the local social awareness associated with "The Last Judgment” painting by Hans Memling, the interest of potential recipients of the work and the sole realization that the painting is located in the National Museum in Gdansk. The idea of the entire campaign was based on the exposure of a golden sphere on which Christ's feet rest - taken directly from Memling’s painting. The sphere is a silent symbol of the Absolute that descended to earth and appears in our daily routine.

Advertising Agency:TOFU Studio, Gdańsk, Poland
Creative Director:Adam Chyliński
Art Director:Adam Chyliński
Model:Adam Chyliński, Filip Popik
Photographer:Paweł Klein
Logo:Zuza Zamorska
Post Production:TOFU Studio
Production:TOFU Studio
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