Fenty Beauty: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

October 31, 2017Filed under Media and Health, Beauty

Fenty’s Playground invited Rihanna’s navy of fans and influencers to join her in an electrifying live immersive experience to produce the beauty film together, and in real-time. The launch event has since generated a whopping 1.1 billion impressions on social media.

The film of the experience shows the complete takeover of Madrid’s central Callao Square, orchestrated by experiential design agency Wildbytes. Wildbytes harnessed cutting-edge technology to create the unforgettable multi-sensorial experience and an instantaneous, high-end fashion film.

Advertising Agency:Wildbytes, New York, USA
Production Company:Wildbytes
Set Design:Wildbytes
Project Director:Julio Obelleiro
Creative Director:Casilda Sánchez
Art Director:Guillem Castellvi
Production Director:Laia Zanon
Technical Production:Andrés Yves
Space Designer:María López
Film Director:Ginesta Guindal
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