Falcon Private Bank: Rebranding Image Movie

October 16, 2017Filed under Film and Banking, Financial Services

Branders accompanied Swiss Private Bank Falcon in a comprehensive re-branding from a new vision, the development of the service design and the creation of a differentiating brand identity to a new advertising campaign. As the symbiosis of personal banking skills with digital intelligence is at the core of the re-branding, Branders translated this symbiosis together with star photographer Rankin into futuristic-looking imagery and brought the private banking experience of the future to life. Welcome to Agile Private Banking.

Advertising Agency:Branders Group, Zürich, Switzerland
Chief Executive Officer:René Allemann
Strategy Director:Philippe Knupp
Creative Director:Thom Pfister
Senior Brand Consultant:Marisa Güntlisberger, Regula Looser
Omnichannel Experience:Marisa Güntlisberger
Junior Brand Consultant:Luisa Ender
Brand Designer:Palma Manco
Senior Brand Designers:Damian Hess, Soraya Gaouaoua
Creative Brand Technologist:Thomas Hausheer
Web Engineer:Roberto Ceschi
Photographer:Rankin & Team
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