Daprinol: Ruler, Moon, Calendar

October 10, 2017Filed under Print and Pharmaceutical

In Dominican Republic, a woman's menstruating cycle is called many different names. The most common ones used are ones like "La Regla", meaning "The Rule", "La Luna" meaning "The Moon", and "El Periodo", meaning simply "The Period". This custom comes from a taboo that many Dominicans have with periods, associating them with something foul and refuse to acknowledge this time as a completely natural process.

Our product, Daprinol, is a medicine used to relieve mentrual pain. For the brands launch, we have created a campaign that uses these common names as an opportunity to turn them into characters that exemplify the pain caused by the presence of menstruation, and present Daprinol as the go-to product to relieve that type of pain.

No matter what you called. If you hurt. DAPRINOL

Advertising Agency:EPI/GREY, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
General Creative Director:Alvaro De Oleo
Art Directors:Sheila Andujar, Jean Polanco
Graphic Designer:Johana Adrian
Copywriter:Arlyn García
Illustrators:Sheila Andujar, Jean Polanco, Johana Adrian
Head digital:Miguel Herrera
VP Customer Service:Kirsy Soliman
Account Director:Lidia Cruel
Additional Credits:Kelvin Vargar, Shantar Ramírez
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