A.L.M.A.: The Impossible Riddle

October 10, 2017Filed under Print and Public Interest, NGO

We created a campaign to help A.L.M.A. to spread their duties, but mainly, to generate empathy; because in these cases is more important to comprehend so we can help.

During the creative process, we discovered something very interesting: Alzheimer's disease patients symptoms are much like riddles. They're all about confusion about things that should be easy, as daily activities, family roles and even ones own age.

My son was born when i was 30 years old and his son was born when he was also 30. Today i am in my eighties and my grandson came to visit me, but i only see my son. Who visited me?

There are two fully served plates on the table. One goes to my mom, the other one for me . But my mother ain't at home and i don't know how to cook. Who prepared the dinner?

I sat in front of the tv and watched my favourite soap opera. The tv doesn't work and it's the only tv in the house. How did i manage to watch it?

Advertising Agency:Human Full Agency, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director:Peta Rivero Y Hornos
Creative Director:Alejandro Casas
Art Director:Claudia Arellano
Copywriter:Cristian Delzart
Planning Direction:Dolores Caballero
Planner:Velen Diaz Keza
Client:Elsa Ghio, Noemi Medina
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