Grolsch: Awake Your Curiosity Experiment

September 01, 2017Filed under Media and Alcoholic Drinks

It’s a world of multitasking and efficiency and we’re delighted to be connected 24/7 and load our time with as many activities as possible.

But is it possible that we forgot the one and most important connection of all? Awake is the kind of festival that wants to disconnect people from multitasking and let them reconnect with themselves through cultural activities, such as forest library, cinema under the bridge, of course, live concerts, arts and many others.

As the official sponsor of Awake festival, Grolsch wanted to illustrate how important it is to press pause from time to time and, ultimately, reconnect with ourselves.

Grolch invited people to Awake festival in an unconventional way: through a neuroscience & art Experiment which read people's brain waves in real time (using neuro headsets) & translates them into visual art.

Advertising Agency:Kubis Interactive, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director:Laura Nedelschi
Copywriter:Carina Toma
Art Director:Florin Busuioc
Group Account Director:Cristina Schitco
Digital Strategist:Luana Roth
Account Manager:Diana Patriche
Head Of Social Media:Ioana Zvac
Community Manager:Irina Petrovici
Director:Millo Simulov
Dp:Ionut Avadanei
Colorist:Ionut Avadanei
Editor:Marian Ciungu
Av Director:Alina Ivan
Neuroheadsets:Auraleye Studio
Visual:Auraleye Studio
Band:Vita de Vie
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