Shazam: Sonic Mesh

July 01, 2017Filed under Film and Electronics, Technology

The latest developments in the communication technology have stunned us, we tapped two innovative platforms to combat the problem. Shazam is known to recognize every song in it's database, we added the sound of missiles and drones, so we know when they're approaching. Next, we tapped into the newly talked about Mesh Network Technology that boasts about communicating with people with single node, peer to peer connections that do not need Wifi or even cellular network.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India
Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director:Florian Weitzel
Tutor:Florian Weitzel
Art Director:Pradhan Thandra, Mumbai, Aws Bejaoui, Berlin
Copywriter:Pradhan Thandra, Mumbai
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