Fritz-kola: Wake up

July 06, 2017Filed under Outdoor and Non-alcoholic Drinks

The G20 summit in Hamburg. Against the will of most citizens of Hamburg. And right in the centre of one of the alternative parts of town, the Schanzenviertel – home of fritz-kola. Provocative visuals picturing sleeping politicians behind microphones are fritz-kola’s way to direct the attention towards the resulting, negative consequences for all of Hamburg’s citizens. At the same time, fritz want to call for more political engagement within the population. The hashtag #menschwachauf aims to motivate Twitter and Instagram users to share their opinion on the G20 summit. The stunt is supposed to benefit those who are suffering the most from additional safety procedures taking place during the meeting: the homeless. One hundred submissions equals a donation of 1000€ from us to the evangelical homeless charity, 500 submissions equals a donation of 2000€ and if we reach 1000 submissions, the donation will be astounding 5000€“ – it says on the campaign's website. The campaign struck a nerve. The visuals became a viral hit on Twitter and Instagram. There was press-coverage and the target-sum of donations was met.

Advertising Agency:BLOOD Actvertising, Hamburg, Germany
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