Chloe: Chloe Love Story Valentine's Day

July 30, 2017Filed under Media and Health, Beauty

Chloe's flagship product is the perfume line LOVE STORY. Therefore it’s not surprising that Valentine's Day was the most important event of the year for us. in order to get away from all the St. Valentine's clutter of other brands and products and take over the holiday for Chloe, we created an event like no other.GIFs - short looped frames, became the focus point of the event’s concept. They combine the most trending aspects of modern communication with the elusiveness of a romantic moment. And so the concept of the shortest love story, that anyone could share with the world, became a thing, thanks to Chloe brand.

We set up 3 CHLOE stations on the most prestigious promenade in Warsaw downtown, where lovers could create their ‘shortest love story’, i.e. a GIF, which would then be screened on an 8 meter display nearby, right in the center of the city.

The event was widely discussed in the media and on numerous lifestyle blogs.The reach in social media was nearly 1 million impressions, but the most important KPI achieved was a sales increase of 250%, compared to the previous year.

Advertising Agency:Digital Kingdom, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director:Joanna Gerlee
Art Director:Kaja Adamczewska
Copywriter:Oliwia Kwiecień
Account Director:Gustaw Rozmarynowski
Account Manager:Ewa Gruczek
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