Amnesty International: Different shouldn't be scary

July 01, 2017Filed under Outdoor and Public Interest, NGO

Nowadays anything that is remotely related to middle eastern countries looks scary. Even something apparently innocent and harmless like language could frighten us. We decided to push this thought forward and use the Arabic language in famous, big squares around the world to make a social experiment. We replace lines or logos, any written words of ads with Arabic. Our message is clear: we want people to stop classifying everyone in the same category. Just because we're different, for languages and cultures, it doesn't mean we should make this a significant reason to divide us. On the contrary, our differences should be our strength point.

Advertising Agency:Miami Ad School, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director:Niklas Fring-Rupp
Art Director:Bashar Galal
Copywriter:Lorenza Massari
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