Penguin: Ear Theatre - Indian Mythology, Ear Theatre - Greek Epic

June 06, 2017Filed under Print and Recreation, Leisure, Sports

We wanted to convince people that Penguin Audiobooks transforms titles based on Indian mythology into deeply immersive literary experiences as well. The title in question: JAYA by Devdutt Patnaik. Inspired by the mythos of the Indian epic, Mahabharata, depicted here is an episode from it – Draupadi’s Marriage. To win princess Draupadi’s hand in marriage, suitors have to shoot an arrow through the eye of a golden fish attached to a revolving chariot-wheel. Just by looking at its reflection in water. Taking centre-stage in the ‘ear arena’ is Arjuna, who succeeds. The arena is faithfully recreated in a mix of the Hindu and Buddhist architecture styles of India and South Asia. Including the profiles, recesses, design motifs on stone and other details. The houses around are detailed out much the same way. The costumes, tropical vegetation and even the ceremonial elephants are based on medieval Indian paintings, and they enhance the overall drama.

We wanted to convince people that Penguin Audiobooks can bring alive the world of a book, making for deeply immersive literary experiences. And we chose ‘The Iliad’ from our range of Greek Epics to illustrate this point. We put The Iliad’s ‘Trojan Horse’ episode centre-stage in an ear-shaped arena in Ancient Greece; which was brought alive with careful attention to the crafts and architectural patterns of the time, the city planning, the daily-wear of people, the class divisions in society visible in the arena’s seating arrangements, right down to local rituals like the burning of incense of appease the Gods.

Advertising Agency:Ddb Mudra, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors:Sonal Dabral, Rahul Mathew, Manish Darji, Shagun Seda Sengupta, Vilsen Gonsalves
Art Director:Mukesh Jadhav
Copywriter:Ravi Ananthan, Vilsen Gonsalves
Illustrator:Aleksandr Kuskov
Client:Hemali Sodhi
Account Director:Aleksandr Kuskov
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