Nissin: White Mystery

June 29, 2017Filed under Film and Food

Promotional video of Chiri-tomato noodle, featuring white mystery meat.

Popular music producer Nakata Yasutaka appointed. Presentation of "minimal shape" and "cute coloring" of white mystery meat according to the mysterious world at Nakata's pop. It is a process to pull out the user reaction that only the appearance of the white mystery meat is talked about, and the material and taste of the end are left as a mystery after all, "So what!! White mystery meat is what!!"

Advertising Agency:Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Director:Koji Aramaki
Producer:Takahiko Kajima
Communication Director:Shunsuke Kaga
Art Directors:Yoshiyuki Imoto, Yuki Yamaguchi
Copywriters:Masakazu Ido, Dai Hirose
Sound:Yasutaka Nakata
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