Amnesty International: The truth revealing banners

June 01, 2017Filed under Online and Public Interest, NGO

HOW AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL AND AIR FOUND A WAY TO MAKE LEADERS FINALLY SPEAK THE TRUTH. Throughout the world, there are still government leaders who don’t tell the truth and do everything they can to hide information about the cruelties that take place in their country. Harassment and imprisonment are common for the residents who exercise their basic right to freedom of expression. 

Because of this, Amnesty decided to let leaders speak the truth for once, by targeting YouTube video speeches of the biggest leaders and paying for the overlay in-video banners. As these banners cover the subtitles of their speeches, Amnesty could rewrite them and reveal the information they were hiding. Each banner ends with a call to action to visit the Amnesty page concerning the specific issue.

Advertising Agency:Air, Brussels, Belgium
Client:Valérie Michaux, Philippe Hensmans
Communication Manager:Valérie Michaux
Executive Creative Director:Eric Hollander
Creative Directors:Dieter De Ridder, Joeri Van Den Broeck
Creatives:Morgane Choppinet, Toon Vanpoucke
Account:Pauline Heraly
Digital Project Manager:Maxime Van Santen
Graphic Designer:Maxime Douillet, Olivier Desmet
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