Aarti For Girls: Evidence Bag - Verbal Abuse

June 30, 2017Filed under Design and Public Interest, NGO

Verbal abuse is prevalent across society. The fact that it does as much harm as physical abuse, is overlooked by most due to the non-tangibility of the abuse. Aarti for Girls, an NGO, wanted to generate awareness of the lasting pain that women & children victims of verbal abuse suffer. The Social Street created a unique campaign, a call to action, by twisting the expression “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me” and carving out “word weapons”. Handcrafting intricately designed letters out of weapon material like wood and iron, we placed commonly used insults in crime scene evidence bags to spread awareness of how words, like knives, are weapons capable of serious injury. Communicating through print in leading newspapers and posters displayed in residential areas, we recreated verbal abuses as physical crime-scene evidence pieces. This gave a physical representation to an intangible crime, effectively getting the message across to perpetrators, victims and families by giving them a new perspective and awareness of the effects insults have on women and children.

Advertising Agency:The Social Street, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officer:Deepak Singh
Creative Team:Smriti Shadra, Vikash Kumar, Kailash Chandra
Production Studio:Craft Farm
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